Greening your garden is not just about having the lushest lawn or the most vibrant rosebushes in the neighborhood. Instead, it's about creating a garden you can enjoy today while keeping an eye on sustainability. It's using water efficiently, protecting the quality of air and water supplies, and replacing harsh chemicals with natural, healthy alternatives.

1. Eliminate Chemical Fertilizers

Store-bought fertilizers will help your garden grow, but may also contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate local water supplies and pollute the air. To keep your garden green naturally, switch to composting. Compost is made from the remains of kitchen and yard waste, including coffee grounds, apple cores, vegetable peels and grass clippings. Virtually any type of organic material can be added to your compost and used as a free source of fertilizer to help nourish your plants

2. Natural Pest Control

After working hard to grow your garden, the last thing you want to see is insects feasting on your flowers. While it can be tempting to use chemical pesticides, these materials tend to end up in nearby water supplies due to stormwater runoff. Plus, do you really want to cover your lawn and produce with a mystery concoction of chemicals?

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