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At Kells Garden City, we understand the importance of convenience. That's why our SuperSacks, measuring 3' x 3' x 3', are designed to accommodate a significant amount of landscaping materials such as soil, mulch, and stones. With one cubic yard equaling 27 cubic feet, the time and effort saved is remarkable. Say goodbye to multiple store trips because we offer delivery of all bulk products. Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3: explore, order, and relax while we handle the delivery and you don’t have to worry about the labour and mess of doing it yourself.
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Premium Quality Soil & Mulch. It's in the Bag!


Our Nature's Blend has a touch of Mineral soil mixed in with our black peat loam and compost - this makes it a little heavier than our Black Garden Soil.

We recommend Nature's Blend for over-seeding a lawn or leveling or filling in sunken areas in the yard.


Our Premium TopDressing Mix is a high-quality mixture of peat loam and specialty sand blended at the perfect ratio - ideal for penetrating down to soil level.

We recommend Premium TopDressing Mix to build up the quality of your soil over a period of time.

Black Garden Soil



It is the most popular of our Bluk Bag products. It consists of compost, peat loam, and a touch of mineral soil for stability. It's loaded with organic matter. Use it to top up any type of garden, be it vegetable gardens or flowerbeds, and top-dressing your lawn too!

Tip: Adding organic matter to your soil helps retain moisture and promotes microbial activity which naturally feeds your plants.


It is finely shredded which makes it easy to use. We suggest putting down a minimum depth of 3 inches to help retain moisture, which will allow you to reduce watering, and up to a depth of 5 inches to control weeds.


It is finely shredded which makes it easy to use. Using a colorfast dye that is earth-friendly and a double dye process to ensure maximum coverage ensures a full, deep, black mulch that makes a statement.