The highest in quality gardening products


From the outset, FELCO has sought to master all industrial processes and technologies required to design and manufacture its product range.
This attitude allowed FELCO to systematically integrate technological advances into every stage of production and to enhance them with the know-how acquiredover more than 75 years of manufacturing experience.

The full mastery of production processes guarantees the consistent quality of products; the added mastery of production capacity assures faultless and timely deliveries to customers.
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Professional tradespeople hold FELCO pruning shears in high regard when it comes to accomplishing their tasks with excellence.
It's a unanimous choice among Green Industry professionals as their preferred pruner: FELCO.
FELCO pruners are truly lifelong companions.
Crafted in Switzerland, FELCO tools boast hardened steel blades and forged aluminum handles.

FELCO has gained recognition for:

Prioritizing ERGONOMIC design in their tools for optimal usability.
Ensuring the INTERCHANGEABILITY of all parts by crafting them with utmost precision.
Utilizing top-quality materials to guarantee cutting precision and long-lasting DURABILITY.