We are your most convenient source for salt supply for your properties this winter! Never be caught down on supply. Pick up or fast delivery available. Proudly serving the local municipality and beyond!

This durable outdoor storage bin conveniently stores loose or bagged sand/salt to help keep slippery walkways safe. Use the bin at any public space where safety is a concern. This bin is also waterproof and rodent resistant, which makes it ideal for much other outdoor storage uses.

Clearing your driveway and sidewalks after a snowfall is a necessary part of the winter season. A reliable snow shovel is an essential part of your winter tool collection. Everyone needs a good one on hand. The more durable your snow shovel is, the easier it will be to clear out snow as fast and efficiently as possible.

Get the traction you need to stay safe on icy surfaces with our ice melter.  It clears snow and ice faster than salt or rock salt and it is also effective in colder temps. This Ice Melter will help you prevent slips and falls. Fast-acting and long-lasting, it is ideal for steps, driveways and walkways.

As temperatures drop, don’t find yourself in a slippery situation. Ice Patrol has been helping families clear ice and snow from their driveways and walkways for generations. The salt is dry for easy spreading and is screened to maximize the area that can be covered with each use.

Looking for high-quality, flexible FIBC bags? super sacks are the answer! These woven polypropylene bulk sacks can be used for a wide variety of storage and shipping purposes. At Kell’s, we provide super sacks for all your shipping and storage requirements.

We are providing touchless delivery and pick-up. To ensure the safety of all involved, We are minimizing all contact where possible.

We aren’t the only ones who require winter jackets. When fall and winter are upon us, it’s important to protect our trees from the cold Canadian temperatures head. Burlap Roll protects your trees from freezing rain and heavy snowfall. Also protects trees from salt and wind damage.